Color Printing

There is nothing wrong with a fine promotional hat, but what better way to promote a business that handing your client their new favorite vacuum sealed cup with your logo on the side? Brand your business on a product that will last generations, not until it gets dirty or unwearable. With Helix color printing for promotional stainless steel travel mugs, you can give your customers, employees, coworkers and clients a product that they will use again and again, positioning your brand to thousands of new impressions. Our Helix color printing for stainless steel Soirée tumblers, vacuum tumblers, coffee THERMAXX , WINEMAXX (which can hold two bottles of wine) and travel mugs includes a wide range of colors and laser etching and embossment to make your logo crisp and clear.

A stainless steel coffee thermos keeps coffee and other hot drinks warm throughout the day while also preventing spills. Use color printing and get promotional stainless steel travel mugs to give your customers a custom item they can use every day and also reinforce of your brand. With a trusty coffee mug in hand, the name and logo of your company will always be nearby.

A stainless steel Soirée tumbler can be used for hot or cold drinks, and will keep chilled ice cold drinks or hot liquids locked inside. Vacuum tumblers are a unique product, using a vacuum-sealed insulated area around the cup to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, while preventing sweating on the cup or making it too hot to hold. A color-printed tumbler, vacuum tumbler or coffee thermos is a great way to show customers that you care and that you value your business, while also associating your brand with a high-quality, useful and long-lasting customized item.

We provide a wide range of colors and printing options for your custom coffee thermoses, stainless steel Soirée tumblers, vacuum tumblers and other products. We will also print your logo, slogan or other text or image on the item, ensuring that your brand gets attention.

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