Southern Line iLYD
(U.S. & International patents pending)

Southern Line is breaking the industry mold with the BPA-free iLYD. This double-wall, insulated lid is the first in the industry to feature a four-tier gasket. This provides the best seal available and improves the performance of your vacuum insulated tumbler by up to 100 percent.

It’s not very often that you hear about tumbler lids that actually improve the overall performance of the cup, but the iLYD does just that. For cold beverages, it increases ice retention by 30 percent, whereas those who enjoy a hot beverage using a Southern Line iLYD will enjoy double the heat retention. This is absolutely unheard of when it comes to your average tumbler lid.

At Southern Line, the iLYD is available in three different sizes and is even compatible with a number of competitor tumbler brands, such as Yeti and Rtic. Get the details on each size below and feel free to reach out to the Southern Line team at 615-472-9465 with any questions, or to inquire about becoming a Southern Line dealer.

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