Southern Line Vacuum Insulated TherMAXX
(U.S. & International patents pending)

The Southern Line TherMAXX is the perfect choice for an all-day hunting trip. This large 1.5L thermos is BPA-free and includes a detachable 10oz. vacuum insulated, stainless steel cup with our patent pending iLYD to keep your drink hot or cold for 60-plus hours. The TherMAXX is also fitted with a durable, removable handle, which ensures you have a firm grip while pouring and can carry it through the field with ease. When not in use, the lid stores securely in the integrated base and the cup screws back onto the top of the thermos for easy transport.
The Southern Line TherMAXX is a heavy-duty thermos that others would be hard-pressed to compete with. For more information on this revolutionary product, contact us today and place your order!

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Southern Line

Southern Line