Southern Line WineMAXX
(U.S. & International patents pending)

We are proud to present the first true innovation in thermos technology in over 50 years. The 1.5L Southern Line WineMAXX is in essence, a thermos for wine, making it an ideal option for impromptu picnics, evenings on the docks or nights around the campfire. It comes equipped with a 10oz. vacuum insulated, stainless steel cup with our patent pending iLYD to keep your wine at the perfect temperature for hours. The lid stores securely in the integrated base when not in use, and the cup screws to the top of the thermos for easy transport.

The Southern Line WineMAXX thermos for wine is BPA-free and made with the same unmatched quality and care that our brand has become known for. Dry, sweet, white, red – no matter your preference, the Southern Line WineMAXX is the perfect wine thermos to ensure your favorite blend stays secure and at the perfect temperature until you’re ready to enjoy it.

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Southern Line

Southern Line